Smart Plug


Our intelligent smart plugs know when to turn the appliance on and off,
how much power you have consumed, will save you unnecessary costs
and will make it easy to manage your home appliances. Smart plug can
give you safety, give intellect, communication and additional functionality
to any device that is powered by mains, wherever you are.
The smart socket has the function to remotely turn on and off via Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth, measures power consumption, protects against power
surges, has a microphone for voice control, a USB port to charge your
gadgets, and it’s also used for additional modules such as infrared, GSM
module, motion, moisture, light, video camera, etc. This is the best offer
on the market in terms of price / performance / quality.
Universal smart plug with USB-port, connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,
measurement of electricity consumption and voice control.


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