Smart Heater


The heater is smart not only due to the connection via Internet. It has an intelligent learning thermostat, a variety of contact and non-contact sensors, and also has protection from dust and moisture, provides a soft and efficient heat without overdrying the air. In addition, it has an excellent design and affordable price. With our heating system, you can significantly reduce starting and operating costs.
Our heater has a learning thermostat, several temperature sensors and a humidity sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microphone for controlling one heater or the whole system. Heaters are easily connected to the Internet, intuitively understandable and quickly configured, grouped together. Control is possible, both in manual mode and remotely via tablet and smartphone. This product combines the functions of several devices in one. Smart heater LxH 1100×600 with a learning thermostat, temperature sensors, and humidity sensor, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and voice control.


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